TF Card vs SD Card is Memory Card


What is Memory Card?

Everybody of the world who has used any electronics device must use any storage device. A memory card is like one of them. A memory card is a electronic data storage device where you store digital information, like any document, picture, audio, video and any other information as you like. Memory card commonly used in portable electronic device such as digital camera, mobile phone, computer, laptop, PDAs, Portable media players, video game consoles, electronic keyboards and digital pianos.

What is TF card?

Trans Flash Card (TF card) is known as Micro SD (Secure Device) card which is a ultra small card (size is 11x15x1 mm) and just has one third of SD card. TF card is the smallest memory card. Motorola and Sandisk jointly developed and launched TF card in 2004. TF card is a member of SD card product. TF card can be work as SD card after converted by SD card adapter. TF card is compatible with any SD card reader. The smallest Flash card is suitable for multimedia applications.

Samsung 64G 128G Class 10 UHS - 3 TF Memory Card - Red 128GB
Samsung 64G 128G Class 10 UHS – 3 TF Memory Card – Red 128GB

What is SD card?

Secure Digital card (SD card) is Semiconductor Flash memory, a new generation memory device. It was jointly launched by Panasonic, Toshiba and Sandisk in the year 1999. SD card widely used in portable devices because of its small size, fast data transmission speed, hot swappable and other extra excellent characteristics.

Some popular TF and SD card brand name in the world is Sandisk, Kingston, Samsung, Lexar, Transcend, Lenovo and Sony.

Upon depends on storage capacity of SD Card the SD Association formats four type of SD card like SD, SDHC, SDXC and SDUC cards.



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